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Re: Total Fina Elf


I don't suppose you could actually bother to look up the amount of oil France imports from Iraq?

The United States has always imported more, and currently imports about 5 times as much as France from Iraq.


  Homer Simpson

Look Lisa, I found numbers on the Internet from the US Government. They must be true. I win.

Lisa Simpson  

But, Dad, those numbers don't make any sense. They surely vary much more than the 5 times claim of Gunthersan. What's more, there is no reference to per capita consumption or the fact that France gets much more of its energy from nuclear sources than the US and thereby a higher percentage of its total imports could come from Iraq than the equivalent percentage from the US.

  Homer Simpson

Lisa, they are numbers, and they are from the Internet. I win.

Lisa Simpson  


Shit, where's that totally fine elf chick picture?

Lisa Simpson  

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