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The Topic: daydreams


You know how, sometimes, you're so bored with what's in front of you that you start zoning out, and start having dreams, but with your eyes open? Well, I just had one that involved a flirtatious exchange between Deanna Troi and Data. Needless to say, I am suitably horrified at this nerd dream creeping into my head, and believe the Conversatron to be at least partially responsible for this experience. Would you please consider using some of your more attractive askees more often? Like, say, Vin Diesel? People that I'd actually enjoy having in my dreams?


The Writers  

Here at the Conversatron, your wish is our command.

Let's see what we can do.

  Vin Diesel IS xXx

Hey there, handsome.

Lt. Commander Data  

Hey yourself.

  Vin Diesel IS xXx

You know, you may be 'fully functional,' but I bet you've never been Diesel powered.

Lt. Commander Data  

Oh, you stop!

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