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The Topic: Dollar Pancake Dinner


I've been watching the scrolling "Thursday: Rotary Club presents Dollar Pancake Dinner" message go by for a while now. Will it ever change?


  George Costanza

So I was thinking.

Jerry Seinfeld  

Yeah, that's trouble.

  George Costanza

Dollar coins. They've both got women on them. The small ones, you know, the new one and the one before that. But the big one, the silver dollar one, it had a guy. Isn't that like vaguely sexist to you?

Jerry Seinfeld  

Nobody likes dollar coins in the first place. There's your sexism for you.

  George Costanza

Yeah. But everyone goes nuts for those state quarters.

Hey! I know, they need to do something like the state quarters for the dollar coins. And since it's women on the coins, they could do something like...Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Dollar Coins. Now that'd be popular. Some frumpy historical woman's face on one side, different swimsuit models on the other. Yes!

I wonder how you can write the Treasury Department with ideas...

Jerry Seinfeld  

Oh, just write it on the back of a $20, I'm sure they'll get it eventually.

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