The Conversatron, Trendwhore version! The Conversatron, Trendwhore version!
Tired of dream topics yet?

Because I had one about Q&A sites. Yes, it makes me sad that I dreamt about this. However...

The part of the dream you would be interested in had me in a garden, which was walled walled off and had a ceiling. In the corner, scrolling across the ground, was the backend of a Q&A site. The odd thing, it was two sites. I apparently knew, without anyone telling me, what was going on.

The name of the site was Ask Batman. It was popular, and had something within it called a Mini Q&A site entitled Captain America Answers the Questions You Asked Batman (which will now be known as Captain America Answers). Here's how it worked: Ask Batman, being popular, would reject a good number of questions. Once rejected, Captain America Answers got a crack at them. There were two seperate frontpages for these sites, with Batman's the primary.

Not bad, I think, for a dream idea. Seems like it might work. After all, isn't the Conspiratron (sp?) made by friends of the Conversatron's? It doesn't seem like it would be hard to implement. Once rejected and deleted from the queue from the main site, a script could resubmit it to the secondary, which would run off of its own set of the same code. Questions could be directly sent to the secondary site as well, of course.

The only two sites that could host a secondary at this point, I think, would be Conversatron and True Meaning of Life.

The rest of the dream involved snakes, for those wondering, and a maze.


Strong Bad
Well, Use-a-bus, that actually sounds like a pretty good idea. In fact, I think I'm going to go set up the Delete-o-Tron right now!


Strong Bad
Okay. Turns out there's no one else around right now, and I mean, I'd have no trouble setting up the Delete-o-Tron or anything, because of my leet hack0r skillz, but I'm kinda busy right now, and I figured I'd let someone else, uh, have the experience of doing this exciting project. You know, so it would look good on their resume, or something. But I can't find the Bacon or the Cheat around. I think they went on a late night run to Krispy Kreme yesterday and probably won't be in for a few hours. Maybe I'll ask that Dilbert guy.

Strong Bad
But keep an eye out for the Delete-o-Tron, coming soon.

Where I delete the questions the other guys are afraid to answer!


So, this site was pretty popular then, you say?

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