The Topic: moment of clarity

 bosephus (11:43 AM)
what is the single greatest achievement of man?


Sam (11:44 AM) 
Oh boy, a question!

 Max (11:48 AM)
Just like the olden days of yore!

Carl Sagan (11:48 AM) 
The single greatest achievement of man is undoubtably the Scientific Method. It may seem obvious to us now, but looking back upon human history, we see thousands upon thousands of deamon-haunted years in which the majority of people thought that the universe was unknowable and controlled by magic.

Carl Sagan (11:48 AM) 
The Scientific Method has time and time again solved the mysteries of the universe, and landed great blows against ignorance and superstition.

 Railroad Tycoon J.P. Morgan (11:52 AM)
Carl, while I agree that the scientific method is important, it pales in comparision to the importance of Capitalism and the Market Economy. Everything we now have in our society is thanks to this wonderful system. Capitalism is amazing, in that it workes automatically, every participant, working with even limited information, is able to make transactions which are not only in their best interest, but in the best interest of the one they transact with.

Taco Bell (12:06 PM) 
With respect, señiors, the answer must be the tasty, flaky chalupa.

 Carl Sagan (12:08 PM)
Don't be absurd. The chalupa is just one of billions of things that has resulted from the continuous application of the Scientific Method and the market economy over the course of human history. It can be mathematically proven.

Taco Bell (12:09 PM) 
But if you were on a deserted, barren island, and could only have one, which would you rather have?

 Carl Sagan (12:09 PM)
The scientific method. I could use it to experimentally discover the way off the island.

Taco Bell (12:10 PM) 
There is no way off the island.

 Carl Sagan (12:10 PM)
This is a stupid hypothetical situation.

 Old, Tired Kirk (12:24 PM)
But the "no escape from a deserted, barren island" scenario is one we all might have to face.

Old, Tired Spock (12:25 PM) 
That is a very ironic point, coming from you Kirk.

 Old, Tired Kirk (12:25 PM)
Well excuse me!
Let's just say that your approach cost me my ship and my son trying to recover your sorry Vulcan ass.

 Alf (12:26 PM)
What about trapped in a barren deserted website?

 Alf (12:26 PM)
Ha! I kill me.

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