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The Topic: Like Nails on a Chalkboard


ARGH! Jesus people -- there is no outside of the Universe!!
"Outside" some "space" to measure from, and the Universe
is the full extent of spacetime. "Outside" has NO meaning.

What the hell do they teach you kids in science class these

Go back to looking for God...


Old, Tired Kirk  

Wow, way to piss all over the 'divine restlessness of the human spirit' there, buddy.

Maybe we need to find some sexy female telephath for you so you can 'merge with the creator,' if you know what I mean.

  Old, Tired Spock


Old, Tired Kirk  

Oh, yeah, and four movies later, I found God, and I blew him up!

  Old, Tired Spock

It was simply an energy being, Jim, and you didn't blow anything up. You merely asked what it needed with a starship.

Old, Tired Kirk  


"What does God need with a Starship?"

That was pretty damn clever of me.

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