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The Topic: The letter X


Is anyone else as irritated as I am about the letter X in acronyms?
In X-mas its supposed to look like a cross. Which sounds like christ, apparently.
In XL it abbreviates the "ex" in Extra
In X. Roberts it stands for Xavier, which starts with a cabbagepatch tastic X.
In Windows XP, who the fuck knows what its used for.

Yeah, the boring things you think about when your relationships are going fine.


  Charlton Heston

You got that right chum, and what about the letter F? What gives it the right to show up in perfectly normal, God-fearing acronyms? I'll be browsing along, taking in the text- admiring an S, maybe enjoying the occasional I, then WHAM! A foul F right there in the middle of a perfectly respectable abbreviation. God, how I hate F.

Bobcat Goldthwait  

Do you know what I hate? The letter L.

  Charlton Heston

  Charlton Heston

You shut the hell up.

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