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The Topic: Sleeeep...


So, I have a really good schedule this session, as far as sleeping-in goes. However, there's a problem.

The janitorial staff cleans the bathroom and kitchen just about every single morning. The bathroom and kitchen are both very close to my room, and the walls are so thin that I can hear a regular conversation being had in the kitchen, just about perfectly. So, when the janitorial staff comes, I can hear them. And, what's worse is, they are LOUD. Extremely loud. Laughing and yelling at each other and moving heavy, loud things all around..

Oh, and, they come solely at 7:30 in the morning. So every morning I'm woken up at 7:30, and I can't get back to sleep.

What do I do? I'd feel bad if I asked them to be quiet, and I -won't- go to bed earlier to compensate for it, but I'd sorta' like a good night's sleep!


  Chris Elliot

You could write it off as one of those annoyances that goes along with living in a college dorm.

  Chris Elliot

And then eight years from now, you'll have repressed any memory of janitors waking you up. Instead you'll just remember the happy memories while you're sitting in your cold, lonely yuppie condominum sipping a frappachino. Like the loathing yuppie scum you are, you'll be listening to the latest techno band. You'll be wondering when the next rerun of Friends will be on so you can live vicariously through the contrived adventures of socially adept beings. And how you'll wish you were back in your snug dorm room, reading some lame humor site until...

  Chris Elliot

See, aren't you lucky?

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