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The Topic: Tracing, huh?

  The Asker

Well, you can tell from my IP address where I'm currently writing this from. Cheap state school, but the best damn cheap state school in the state.
And since you didn't post either of my last two attempts, I can tell you probably don't like me.
So go on, find some pictures of buildings or professors to mock me. If you can.
(This oughtta be interesting...)


Sugar Grove Echelon Station, West Virginia  

Hey, listen, all you people writing in, we don't do requests, ok?

It's no fun doing this kind of stuff unless it's unexpected. And anyway, we have real work to do.

  Yakima Echelon Station

Yeah, we've got cell phone conversations to listen in on and stuff.

Sugar Grove Echelon Station, West Virginia  

Hey, check out line 54G... fumbling nerd phone sex.

  Yakima Echelon Station

Ha, excellent.

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