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The Topic: re: The Devil


This post would have been much less stupid , had   "ID Quper" actually taken the time to research the theology behind his misunderstanding...or at the very least, read Milton's "Paradise Lost." I don't suppose we could have an asker voting method, similar to the one used to rank threads? That way we could weed out the stupid questions before they're even asked.


  Tom Servo

...but, what would we do with this website then?


I think the answer to that is clear, since it's already devolved into something of a geek dating service. Way to fuck with natural selection by helping unattractive people reproduce. I'm sure the "Grand Scheme of Things" isn't dissapointed at all...

  The Grand Scheme of Things

Yeah, like I've got nothing better to worry about than a bunch of nerds gettin' it on.

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