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The Topic: The devil

  ID Quper

Riddle me this.
Hell cannot me yuckie and the devil be evil at the same time.
If the devil is evil, shouldn't hell be like the party of a life time? Wouldn't the dark lord satan want to frustrate god by making hell look like fun?
but if hell is a terrible place to go shouldn't the devil be a great guy? i mean, he'd be in legue with god. they would have to be working together.
so conversatron.... whats the deal?


  the Red Guy

Oh, it is fun! It's a load of laughs!

We've just gotten a ton of bad press!

  the Red Guy

Probably all because of that 'Prince of Lies' nonsense. Not true, not true!

Why don't you come over, I'll show you around!


'me yuckie?'

'in legue?'

I think I'm already there.

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