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So I'm still all torn up over this bad-breakup-losing-my-best-friend-who-is-now-fucking-another-girl thing. Yeah I know it's only been 2 days. But I need some rebound nookie, and FAST. Not to get him back, just to feel what it's like to screw someone else so soon. I give myself 10 days before I go completely awry. How can I meet people in this town who only want to take me out once, buy me a few drinks, and bang the shit out of me? It'll be cathartic!



Well, I don't really think that'll help matters. Why don't we just rent some movies and sit and eat ice cream and talk about how insensitive men are?

Amy Wong  

Doesn't that get old after 39 weeks in a row, Leela?



Asker, if you're serious about this, and you're asking the question here, which means you've got a certain tolerance for them; then the easiest thing would be to go down to the local comic book dealer, gaming store, sci-fi convention, or other designated nerd asylum. Just tell them what you told us.

I'm sure you'll find any number of completely desperate individuals willing to take you up on your offer.

Amy Wong  

But Leela, what if she wants competent sex?


Well, she didn't say anything about that.

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