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so as if my bro's girlfriend wasnt enough,followed by some people who annoyed me at uni,my mum now has a new boyfriend. yesterday he brought me a beutifull big box of watercolors,very expensive,very lovely..
but thats beside the point damnit! theese people seem to think i'm so cute and little and that they can just distract my pretty little head from serious things in life ,like ,i dont know..for example,the fact youre FUCKING MY the hell do i get rid of him?do i have to resort to violence again? i am getting tired. of all this tired....


Now, dear, I realize it's awkward, but I do have natural urges and needs like anyone else, and I have every right to seek out the companionship of a mature, physical relationship.

You ARE still married to me, you know, dear!

Yes, well.

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