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I Want Pizza

Damnit. All because it's snowing, the goddamned pizza places won't deliver. They're all "Ooh! We're at the beach and we're not used to this white stuff falling to the earth! I'm afraid to drive in it! If you want pizza, you have to come pick it up!" Goddamnit.


Now, see, back when I was a pizza delivery guy a thousand years ago, I lived by the pizza delivery motto, not to let either snow, nor rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night keep me from my appointed pizza delivery rounds.

That's not the pizza delivery motto, you just stole that from the postal service.

Hermes Conrad
Actually, that phrase was first used to describe the ancient Persians, who developed an efficient system of mounted postal carriers, and the accompanying inefficient beaurocracy to go along with it.

Professor Farnsworth
Don't be stupid, everyone knows that the Persians stole the motto from the Postal Service, after the New York City Post Office Building was blasted back to 500 B.C. by a time ray during the Chronotonian attack on New York in 2475!

The Postal Service later went back in time and sued for motto infringement, and used the proceeds to lower the price of first class stamps under seventy five dollars for the first time in centuries!

The Nerds in the Audience
Actually, while the phrase appears on the postal building, it was never an official motto.

Professor Farnsworth
Shut up, you nerds! The Postal Service made it their official motto in 1836, after going back in time as part of their litigation process!

I'll not be lectured to about revised ancient history, I wrote the book on it!

Hermes Conrad
Actually, you went forward in time and stole it from the future version of yourself that had in fact written it.

Professor Farnsworth
It's the same thing!

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