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The Topic: Greasing the palms

  The Asker

Hey, MrKraw from Ask Dr. Science here. It seems my cohort Petie has requested a link on your links page, but has neglected the most important part... the bribe. How's a case of beer sound, or perhaps some pizza, or maybe some Wal-Mart gift certificates? Just let us know!

Academia's Bastard Children, Petie and MrKraw


  Lord Amazorn

Well, I was going ask one of our interns to make that update this afternoon, but now I've been informed that we're listed as one of the "Evil Empires" on your link page.

  Lord Amazorn

In light of that, we're going to have to take a page from North Korea's playbook and demand food and money.

While badmouthing you the whole time, of course.

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