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The Topic: The QUINK Concert Synopsis


Quink was marvelous last night. I appologize for not signing in so you could see who the asker was, but I was at my college library before the concert started.
Anyway, here is my synopsis of the concert.
The ensemble sang mostly works of the elizabethan era since the concert featured composers from Britian. The second half, however, included some 20th century works. And, as always, they sang two close harmony songs as an encore. The group was just stunning. The vibrance in their tone was one that could only be mastered after years of careful study. The subtle nuiances in the lines as they brought out different parts had the audience on the edge of their chairs. The works from the second half of the concert featured fierce and technically difficult rhythmic gestures. The music was vocally taxing and difficult in range, but the ensemble pulled it off deftly with no signs of strain or labor.
The last two close harmony songs were show tunes and definetly crowd pleasers. The concert recieved two standing ovations. One after the performance, and another after the encore.
Quink has regularly toured the United States giving performances at a number of large cities. If there is a performance near your city, I highly recommend you taking every effort to go hear them.



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