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I have long been interested in geek culture but oddly enough do not participate in most of it (i.e., I've read all about vadding and Asbestos Corks but couldnt actually program a computer to save my life). One thing I've wanted to do for some time is watch some guys play D&D, because the sheer complexity and involvement of the game is fascinating to me. I don't think I'd want to actually play, because I'm more than a bit intimidated. But something tells me that, even if I am in fact NOT in denial about some weird fetish, that D&D players might object to some clueless 21-year-old female gawking over their shoulders while they play. Being the experts that you are, tell me: Is there hope that I can seek out a small group of Seattle-area D&D players to indulge my, erm, wildest fantasy?


  Gary Gygax, Roleplaying Demagogue

Young lady, it appears that you are desperately in need of an education in roleplaying, the most gloriously austere and exacting of the hobby sciences.

  Gary Gygax, Roleplaying Demagogue

While your presence may seem a trifle to the casual bystander, the mere proximity of a poorly indoctrinated hanger-on such as yourself would upset the delicate balance of the gamemaster/player dynamic resulting in, at best, violent anarchy or diceless gaming.

  Gary Gygax, Roleplaying Demagogue

I'm afraid that you will simply have to find a hobby more amenable to the needs of young, nubile, adventurous women.

The Nerds in the Audience  

The Nerds in the Audience  



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  Admiral Stockdale


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