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The Topic: So.


"It seems like the tron is a dating?" You say?

Hee-yuck. Ole Billy Bob Tron's at it again.



Okay, "disagree with" doesn't mean the same thing as "excise completely".

  Saddam Hussein

Unless you're talking about an Iraqi newspaper.

Except then it also means 'kill his family!'

  Saddam Hussein

Ha-ha, yeah.

See, you guys need me, who else are you guys going to make your 'ruthless dictator' jokes about? Castro? The guy's on his last legs. That Korean guy? He's got no personality. Kim Dong-il or whatever.

Huh? Jong-il? Ah, okay.

  Saddam Hussein

Heh, "Dong-il," that's pretty good. I'm writing that one down.

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