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The tables have turned.

The Question:

Due to this weekend's overgrowth of relationship questions from male "geeks", I (a female "geek") do ask this:

Why do most males only go for the Brittany Spears clones, as opposed to someone that can lovingly discuss geeky things and actually have fun?

I find it just as hard as the male side of the species to find a counterpart that can talk about comics, perhaps play a game or two of multi-player Quake2, and rejoice in the release of the new Movie Maniac well as other seemingly unnatural things. What's with that? From the sound of it, it seems I could easily find a male slightly interested in companionship AND posses the same love for all non-mainstream, geeky type going ons.

Gah! Bleegh! And Foo! That's all I have to say to that!

 The Evil Black Marble

The simple truth is "geeks" by nature spend time playing tabletop miniature games, designing rpg characters, and submitting questions to internet sites, instead of interacting with people in social situations.

 The Evil Black Marble

So even when one of them, desperate, decides to "go out into the world," they find that everyone out there is not like them, because the other 99.9% of the geek population is at home surfing webpages.

The only solution I can think of? Shove the lot of them over a nearby cliff.


Again with the cliffs!

 The Evil Black Marble

Hey, you go with what you know.

 Lester Knight Chaykin

I think we really need some way for social geeks to meet other social geeks. Like a geek bar or something.

 The Evil Black Marble

A bar right next to a sheer cliff.

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