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The Topic: Outdated Cultural Icons

  The Cynic

I think your cultural icons are falling a bit behind the times. I mean, you have nobody from the Cartoon Network lineup!

I think it's time for the likes of Old, Tired Spock to make some room, get some fresh faces in here.


  Old, Tired Spock

New, fresh faces indeed. Correct me if I am in error, but doesn't this "Cartoon Network lineup" currently consist of such recycled shows as "He-Man" and "the Transformers," coupled with miscellaneous failed network progams, re-dubbed 1960s animation, and three hours of "Scooby-Doo" per day?

Leonard Nimoy's Head  

And don't forget Futurama, now on Sundays at 11pm!

  Old, Tired Spock

  Old, Tired Spock

Please do not ever speak to me again. I find it extremely unnerving.

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