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The Topic: Friggin' Chicks

  Talking Goat

Ok, so I'm supposed to go meet this chick tonight, and I'm worried that my recent dry-spell has fuxored my "A-Game". Any tips to pass along that'll get this chick eating out of my hand, while at the same time allowing me to expend as little energy as possible? Because, to be honest, as much as banging would help pull me out of this post-holiday funk, I'm so unmotivated that she may not be the only one that suddenly gets a "headache."


  Lieutenant Literal

The Purina Mills flock page will locate a chick feed dealer by zip code. If there is no dealer at a location convenient to you, I suggest oatmeal or stale bread crumbs moistened with sweet milk. If your chick is less than 48 hours old, you should refrain from feeding her, from your hand or otherwise, although she should be allowed to swallow some grit to help ready her digestive organs.

Adorable little chicks  

Peep peep! Peep peep!

  Major Appliances

Awww. Aren't they adorable!

  Major Appliances

Who wouldn't want them eating out of your hand? Good luck with your A-Game, sonny! But remember, no "feeding the chicks" until they're "two days old."

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