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The Topic: Stupid Lame-o War


There seems to be a war going on between the United States and any two-bit third-world megalomaniac bully with a pocketknife and a slingshot. Is anyone under 30 aware of this in any way, shape or form? Or are we all still trying to finish Metroid Prime?



I'm under 30, and I've been following the news.


But only because Lester is hogging all the Metroid!

Pure Concentrated Orange Juice  

What is it with nerds wanting to see Samus naked? Are there female nerds who wish that the new Star Wars: Bounty Hunter had a bikini death sequence?

  Lester Knight Chaykin

What the hell? There's no bikini underwear death sequence in Metroid Prime! What a rip!

  Lester Knight Chaykin

What's this about a war now?

  Lester Knight Chaykin

Oooooh! Oh. My. God. The raindrops on your visor in Metroid Prime actually do an accurate lens effect in real-time! You can see a tiny, inverted, lensed version of the scene through each and every dropplet! Fucking holy fucking shit.

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