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The Topic: The scan scan


Wow, been scaning pictures from a trip over seas for a while.

On a rating of 1 - 10 how geeky is scaning in your own photos to look at 'em and use them for screen wallpaper?


  Strong Bad

FooGoo, you did the right thing by asking us. I mean, you could have asked Dear Abby, but she was busy with a question about a man wanted to be best-man at his brother's gay wedding.

  Strong Bad

If this was like, 1993, and you were running Windows 3.1, then you would earn a big fat 10. But as this is the nineties 2000s I'm sorry to say that you only earn at most a three, and that's being generous.

  Strong Bad

I know you were going for the big dork-out here, but you have to look at the facts. You can get a scanner for $10 with a can of kidney beans at the local Safeway. My mother has pictures of her cats for her wallpaper.

  Strong Bad

I'm afraid you're just going to have to try harder.

  Strong Bad


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