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This question is actually serious... Me and my best friend both like the same girl, so.. last night in a drunken stupor, I told her that I liked her, she (also in a druken stupor) told me that she liked me to and that she would go out with me but she doesnt wanna jump into a relationship because her last 2 have been assholes (one was a jerk and the other used her).. um.. is that rejection? because If it is not only did I screw up with that, but now my friends royaly pissed at me for "stealing her" right when he was about to make his move... what should I do?

 Dr. Niles Crane

Well, first, I'd try to make your friend realize that you couldn't have "stolen her," since nothing became of it. Both you and your friend should just leave well enough alone for a time, as it's obvious this girl has emotional problems stemming from her last relationships, and until she works those out, it's unlikely that either of you could have a meaningful relationship with her.

 Dr. Niles Crane

At all times, it's important to keep communications open with your friend regarding this matter, both to prevent misunderstandings in the future, and also to keep this girl from playing you off of each other, which she may do in order to improve her fractured self-worth at the expense of you both.


Because chicks are whack that way.

 Dr. Niles Crane


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