The Topic: Evolution

 Fish (2:08 AM)
I do not believe in God, and people keep telling me evolution can't happen.

Prove that I exist!


 WOPR (10:08 AM)

 WOPR (10:08 AM)

 WOPR (10:08 AM)

 WOPR (10:09 AM)

Carl Sagan (10:12 AM) 
Regarding evolution. That most common people reject biological evolution is unsurprising. People have remarkably short attention spans. They don't even remember what campaign promises their favorite politician made 3 weeks after he's elected. There's no no way they'd be able to comprehend a process that takes place slowing over a period of millions of years.

 The Evil Black Marble (10:20 AM)
"Slowing over a period of millions of years"?

Did you mean to say "slowly" or do you really mean the pace of evolution is slowing?

Bob & Doug McKenzie (10:23 AM) 
It was just a screwup! What a hoser.
Hey, pass me another of them beers, ok? And put the ice fishin' show back on, this is boring, eh?

Carl Sagan (10:26 AM) 
Yes, of course. That's what I meant to say. In a perfect world, Evil Black Marbles and Paperclips would simply correct errors, rather than drone on about them.

 The Evil Black Marble (10:28 AM)
Darn it, Carl, we just set you up with a perfect straight line and you missed it entirely.

Bob & Doug McKenzie (10:28 AM) 

Carl Sagan (10:30 AM) 
Yes, the short attention spans of cannucks.

 Bob & Doug McKenzie (10:32 AM)
Ok, Hoser, let us explain it to you, eh? Your earlier comment seemed to say the pace of evolution was slowing. So after we said something, you could have used us as an example of how evolution was actually slowing, since we don't seem to be all that 'evolved', eh? Pretty darn funny, if I do say so myself.

Bob & Doug McKenzie (10:33 AM) 
Awww, Forget it. Maybe his mind is just too highly trained, eh?

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