The Topic: I am reminded of Slappy Squirrel

 godofchuck (10:44 PM)
Now THAT'S comedy, CBSG!


 Jay (10:56 PM)
Slapping the Squirrel?

Nuts the Squirrel (10:56 PM) 
Porking the Palm?

 Babe the Pig (10:56 PM)
Bashing the Bishop?

The Bishop (10:56 PM) 
Dropping a Chalupa?

 Taco Bell (10:56 PM)
Fondling the Fig?

Figgie, the Fig-Licking Giraffe (10:56 PM) 
Petting your Pee-Wee?

 Pee-wee Herman (10:56 PM)
Sending out the Troops?

Colonel (10:56 PM) 
Teasing the Python?

 Guido van Rossum (10:56 PM)
Winding the Jack-in-the-Box?

Jack-in-the-Box CEO (10:56 PM) 
Or what?

 Sam the Eagle (10:56 PM)

 Sam the Eagle (10:56 PM)
I find this topic disturbingly un-American.

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