The Topic: Jay and Silent Vader

 godofchuck (10:16 PM)
btw, is Nemesis the one with the Thread?


Jay (10:19 PM) 
Your not talking about those shitty "Pern" books are you? Man, those chick shit books need some serious hardcore action if you ask me. I'd write "The Dickriders of Pern", the "Rugmunchers of Pern" and shit if I were that old hag.

 Austin Powers (10:20 PM)
Now thats a saucy idea, but groovy, man groovy.

 Nemesis, the Demon Star (10:21 PM)
I await, out in the dark void. Every 30 million years, my incomprehensibly distant eliptical orbit sends me slashing through the oort cloud, causing millions of comets to hurtle towards the fragile, defenseless inner planets.

 Nemesis, the Demon Star (10:21 PM)

Otto Mann (10:22 PM) 
Aw dude.
That like REALLY harshes my mellow.

 Max (10:29 PM)
So how long do we have until we all partake in the compulsory afterlife experiment?

 Carl Sagan (10:31 PM)
I wouldn't worry. Despite its repeated cameos here, The Nemesis star is entirely conjectural in nature. There is only very circumstancial proof of its existance.

Even if it does exist, proponents of "The Nemesis Theory" estimate that we are currently 15 million years from the next "attack".

 Carl Sagan (10:32 PM)
Your afterlife mass experiment will have to wait.

Sam (10:32 PM) 
Not necessarily.

 Betelgeuse (10:33 PM)
Hey, ah, I don't mean to interrupt or anything, but I couldn't help overhearing some talk of the afterlife going on in here.

Carl Sagan (10:33 PM) 
Yes, and?

 Betelgeuse (10:35 PM)
Well, ha, ya see, here's the thing. Long story short, I'm kind of stuck here, and I kind of need to get out, back into the real world and all, I've got these things I promised someone I'd do, and I have to be a ghost until I do them, you know how it goes, so I was kind of wondering if you could help me out here?

Carl Sagan (10:35 PM) 

 Betelgeuse (10:36 PM)
Ya see, it's real easy. All you have to do is guess my name and say it three times. What could be easier? Just do a guy a favor.

Sam (10:37 PM) 
We don't have to guess. It's printed right over your head. And isn't it spelled wrong? I thought it was spelled "Beetlejuice". Or was that "Beatleguice"? Why would you want to spell it "Betelgeuse"?

 Betelgeuse (10:38 PM)

Free at last, baby, free at last. Thanks a chunk, chump. I'm living large in the real world at last!

Jay (10:39 PM) 
This isn't the real world you shitheaded fuck. This is the Conversatron, it's just a web page. Ha, didn't plan on that, you dead fuck!

 Betelgeuse (10:39 PM)

Quick, someone say my name again 3 times so I go back!

Nelson Muntz (10:40 PM) 

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