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The Topic: Agony


How much longer will we be forced to endure Brittany Spears?


  Marianne, the Ideal of French Womanhood

Monsieur, while I am not personally familiar with them, I can assure you that spears manufactured in Brittany are as high in quality as archaic weapons produced in any other region of France, or indeed the rest of the EU.

  Marianne, the Ideal of French Womanhood

Perhaps you had a single bad experience, n'est-ce pas? If you would write the importer or the manufacturer, I'm sure he could replace it and your Gladiator play or whatever can proceed successfully, bon?

Naked Washing Machine Boy  

I think maybe you're misunderstanding him.

  Marianne, the Ideal of French Womanhood

Oh! Do you think perhaps he is being injured himself by these spears?

Well, in that case, I am sorry, but we really have no control over what people do with the products once they leave the factory.

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