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The Topic: re: Dorks vs. Sports


> Any game that lasts 3 hours with 15 minutes of actual
> action can't be all that different from Dungeons and Dragons.

So does that include football too? I remember back in high school marching band when we had to do halftime at the games; we'd get out into the endzone, all prepped to go on when there was about a minute and a half on the clock, and 20-30 minutes later, we'd finally get to march.

Somehow I doubt the NFL would appreciate being compared to D&D. But I hate football, so maybe that's a good thing.


Crow T. Robot  

If he hates football so much, why did he join the marching band?

  Tom Servo

They must have done a bait-and-switch on him, promised newcomers that they'd get to play at bikini contests.

Crow T. Robot  

Ah, and then BLAMMO! they get cold rainy football games instead.

  Tom Servo

Exactly. The same way the Army gets recruits.

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