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The Topic: Dorks vs. Sports


I like: programming, rpgs, comic books.
I also like: baseball.

I'm torn - how can a big geek like me live happily combining the two? How can I be a "hardcore geek" without giving into the jockiness of professional sports? Argh!


Special Agent Dana Scully  

Hello? Slugging Percentages, "WHIP," the infield-fly rule? People keeping score with charts that look like Mayan writing? Baseball is the geekiest of sports. I mean, Mulder likes baseball.

Even when the players aren't secretly aliens.

  The Dungeon Master

Any game that lasts 3 hours with 15 minutes of actual action can't be all that different from Dungeons and Dragons.


I guess arguing why Alfonso Soriano is cooler than anyone else is just as good as arguing why Daniel Clowes writes the best alternative comics, no? So, who do you root for (in both areas)?

Mark McGwire  

Well, I'm partial to Chris Ware myself.

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