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The Topic: Weapons Inspectors


What's the deal with the whole U.N. weapons inspectors and Iraq? Is this actually going to work or is it another trick Hussein is using to fool the world?


  George W. Bush

Of course it's a trick. I mean, say some policemen come up and they say "We have a warrant to search your house for weapons of mass destruction" and the bad guy says "okay, but don't look under my bed" and the one policeman says "That's fine" and the other policeman says "What? No! Let us in or we'll arrest you" and the first one says "No, we don't want to cause a ruckus, let's do what he says and not arrest him." I mean, what would the other police guy do?

  George W. Bush

See, because the U.N. inspectors are the policemen, and the U.N. resolution is the warrant, and Iraq is the bad guy. Or the house is Iraq and the bad guy is Saddam.

  George W. Bush

No, wait, we're the second policeman. And the first policeman is like, Russia or France or something.

  George W. Bush

This was a lot clearer when I drew it on the back of my napkin.

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