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The Topic: RE: Is is just me...

  The Asker

seems to me like it's more a requisite to have an account on this site than to be female. If this is the case why even let poeple post questions if they haven't registered?


  Karen the Cute Computer Engineer

Well, it's not that it's requisite, but I think maybe we're more likely to respond to registered reason might be that if you don't log in, you can't respond in your thread after we post it. And if a thread doesn't work out to be funny, and there's a response in the queue, we can work with that, and try to do something else.

  Karen the Cute Computer Engineer

But, for instance, at this point there's no hope for this thread at all.

Pure Concentrated Orange Juice  

Hey Bacon, remember that time you bought an iron wok from Ikea, and then when you were seasoning it you put it too much oil and turned the burner on too hot, and it caught on fire and nearly burned down your kitchen?



That never happened.

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