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The Topic: Pain & suffering

  Eccentrica G

I know people who think the idea of a Hogwarts/Buffy crossover would be the most ultimate fanfiction ever.

If this ever happens, and should I for some reason be forced to read it, I think I shall stab my own eyes out with a dull pencil.


  Comic Book Store Guy


  Comic Book Store Guy

It would hold nary a fraction of the dramatic potential explored in my novella now nearing completion which features a crossover between the 'Buffy' universe and...

uh...line, please?

The Writers  

I don't know.

I can't think of a hypothetical piece of fanfiction that would be worse than Buffy/Harry Potter.

  Comic Book Store Guy

Fine. I shall retire to my trailer to watch my Babylon 5 DVDs until your brainstorm reaches a level beyond "Category 1."

The Writers  

Because, really, I mean, that would be awful...

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