The Topic: Bacon

 Bloodyegg (6:53 PM)
Is bacon single? I find it strangely attractive.


Bacon (6:55 PM) 
Am I ever! I'm SOOO single. But enough about me.

Colonel (6:57 PM) 
*rolling eyes*

Oh, I just love it when breakfast gets "fresh" with itself.

Colonel (6:57 PM) 
Bloody egg & bacon.

 Bloodyegg (6:57 PM)
Goody!!! Do you like long walks on the beach and the sound of the ocean at night (not during the day)???... because I sure don't! Do you like Paganini? If we were to get married would you want to do it at a 25 cent chapel in Vegas?

 Bacon (7:39 PM)

 Bacon (7:39 PM)

 Bacon (7:39 PM)
You're not just after me for my tasty marbling, are you?

 Bacon (7:40 PM)
How do I know that you're a chick?

 Bloodyegg (7:41 PM)
I don't know. Ask me a question that only a chick would know the answer to? My friend godofchuck can vouch for me too.

 Bacon (7:45 PM)
Well... a link to a personal homepage or your listing in the university directory?
If you are "shy" I can message you with an email address.

 Bacon (7:55 PM)
Well gee.
1) I'm single
2) I enjoy white noise with a lack of photons
3) Paganini? Got an MP3?
4) I'm not looking to get married so much as I'm looking for Hot Hot Heterosexual Action (though if you have a hot hot friend and she wants to tag along, who am I to say no?)

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