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The Topic: Re: A Haha...


Provost, does it really matter what the red-haired psycho bitch thinks about your l337 glasses? I mean by the time she has Silksteel armor, you will have already taken half of her bases with your Singularity Shock Troops.


  Academician Prokhor Zakharov

Oh, trying to conquer Planet got old after a while. Now we just try to see who can get the highest score on Bejewled.

Sister Miriam Godwinson  

It is a Godless and wretched game.

  Academician Prokhor Zakharov

That's why you play it 9 hours a day and still have to hit the "I need a hint" button every 45 seconds.

Sister Miriam Godwinson  

Shut up.

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