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The Topic: Atari

I love Atari. So many god 2600 memories... which leads me to ask, what happened to Atari after the Jaguar? They just sort of vanished, except for the occasional Centipede remake.

Sure, I could just ask Google, but goshdarnit, I like you guys.


Atari Corporation
Ok, since there's so much confusion about this, like all the people who say 'Wow, Neverwinter Nights is great, Atari still is cool by me' I'll go through this again.

Atari Corporation
In 1984 Atari, Inc was divided into two groups. One was Atari Corporation (me), the other was Atari Games, which later became Time-Warner Interactive. Any Atari games you see in arcades come from this company.

Atari Corporation
In 1996, after the Jaguar flopped for reasons I won't go into here, Atari merged with JTS corporation, a hard drive manufacturer. Don't ask.

In 1998, software and hardware rights for Atari were sold to Hasbro Inc. for 5 million dollars.

For a company that once made $2 billion in a year.

Atari Corporation
Infogrames then bought the name, and they plaster it on whatever they want. But as of 1998, I, Atari Corporation, am dead. An ex-company. I'm not saying that any Atari games you might see out there now are bad, necessarily...But it's basically like if Sid Meier died, and someone froze his body and then sold it to someone else so that person could stamp Sid's name on "Sid Meier's SimGroceries."

Atari Corporation
In today's market, I don't think that's too farfetched, actually.

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