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The Topic: Connections


There was this really cool history program on some cable station called "Connections".

It would start at some random thing and then trace how this event/item helped cause some other seemingly random thing much later.

I've been trying to figure out if it's offered on video or some such, or just find info in general, unfortunately "Connections" only seems to yield wiring-plugs and dating services no matter what additional criteria I try.



You are thinking of the 1979 James Burke series Connections, which recently played on the Discovery Science Channel. In fact, there are three series of several episodes each, all of which can be purchased on Video; the first of which is also available on DVD. A fine series, although rather expensive to purchase. If you have the means, however, I certainly recommend it.

Connections on DVD.


As a side note, sir, since I see that you eventually found the program yourself (I posted the question since I think the series is quite worthwhile for our readership on the whole), while general purpose search engines are certainly wonderful tools, if you know particulars about your goal, you may have other options. For example, since you saw the program on television, the Internet Movie Database (which also catalogues television series) would have given you your answer much more quickly.


Now, I'm afraid that I've been more instructional than amusing, so I feel it necessary to turn over the proceedings to my esteemed colleague.

  Hilarious Rubber Chicken!



Good day.

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