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The Topic: Women and Men


Because of their different commitments of time and energy when having children, men and women must necessarily have different mating strategies.

For a man, having children costs, if women are lucky, about 2 minutes and less than an ounce of protein.

For a woman, mating and having a child means 9 months of carrying the child plus at least 2 years of caring for a basically useless infant.

Because of these basic differences, male and female humans (as a gender) must necessarily have different mating strategies. It is in a male's best interest, for gene spread, to mate as often as possible with as many women as possible.

It is in a woman's interest to be very picky - since she has a very high time/energy commitment involved. Interestingly, women tend to be interested in two types of men: caring, generous, more "effiminent" men whom they marry, and rugged, asshole, cassanova types, by whom they have their children.

Broadly speaking, if you look at the two strategies under the lens of human consciousness, women's strategies seem coniving and maniplutative while men's seem shallow and slutty.

However, just because we have these hidden drives does not mean that we are allowed, consciously, to act on them with moral impunity.

So, that said, I think it's still ok to call women dirty whores and men lying, shallow pigs.


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