The Topic: Not about Forum 2000

 The Asker (4:07 PM)
The thing is though, Forum 2000 is funny. This is just boring.


 Sam (4:10 PM)
Well, there's an easy solution to that one, Asker. Just leave.

Max (4:11 PM) 
Ooo, does this mean I get to mess up some puffy white Asker butt?

 Sam (4:13 PM)
Now, now Max, the silly little man is just voicing his complaints. We'll just take the squad car on a all points tour of his house.

 Yakov Smirnoff (4:14 PM)
In Russia, we have a similar site called "The Communisitron"
In it, people are invited to ask many respected persons in the community questions about the government and our lives. Except we do not have the internet. Instead, we have juries. And instead of answering the questions, the "askees" send the "askers" to jail. It is a very popular thing.

 Milkman Dan (4:14 PM)
Seems to me somebody is taking my job.

Fry (4:17 PM) 
Wouldn't your job be dropping off Milk?

 Milkman Dan (4:18 PM)
Milk? I thought it was playing bumper cars with nuns.

Milkman Dan (4:19 PM) 
Messy, but it's not my fault they didn't run fast enough.

 Electric Jesus (4:19 PM)
God hates you, Milkman Dan.

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