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The Topic: I am eventually doomed.


Once upon a time there was a Hello Kitty tv commercial that featured lines such as, "Hello Schoolbook, Hello Pencil, Hello Lunchbox." It's sorta been stuck in my head due to it's oddness, and so I chant it like a mantra at times. Well, recently my girlfriend heard me say Hello Lunchbox, and now she thinks it's a cute pet name. If she ever watches a Kevin Smith movie w/ Jay and Silent bob, I am seriously screwed. Or forever not...


  Crow T. Robot

Wow, another relationship potentially ruined by the mindless verbal repetition of a toy commercial.

Tom Servo  

Yeah, Crow, it's like when you went around mumbling 'Intelligent...Television...Intellivision' for three months.

  Crow T. Robot

Ah, yes...summer memories.

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