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The Topic: Obscure, pointless.


I have no problem being the 50th person to point out: Waldorf and Statler were not in Muppet Babies. Dave Coulier did do Baby Animal's voice, but only after Howie Mandel quit.


  Comic Book Store Guy

Actually, you are the first person to point this out; wrongly I might add, since the characters of "Uncle Waldorf" and "Uncle Statler" were introduced in the 7th season and made several appearances, including the landmark 100th episode, The Transcontinental Whoo-Whoo.

Bart Simpson  

How do you know so much about 'Muppet Babies,' anyway?

  Comic Book Store Guy

I know what you are attempting to imply, but it is simply because they are still staggeringly popular among a small subset of Henson-fanatics, their nostalgia value is currently at a moderate climb, and certain collectible toys from the series are quite profitible.

  Comic Book Store Guy

The baby Kermit nightlight I keep on my nightstand is appreciating in value even as we speak.

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