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Re: Theism.


Why is it that a lot of people think we're all intolerant, but it's just a small minority of atheists who are asses?

Now, don't get me wrong, I know plenty of athiests who are better people than I am, and I know many other Christians who are equal or better than they. But why would anyone ask how to "get rid of a few million Xians?" I don't care if you're being ironic or sarcastic, that's still like suggesting to "lynch a few million negroids" or somesuch.

(BTW, Joel: The term Xian came about back in the middle ages before people invented things like spelling. The Pope and clergy took to the practice of writing down an X instead of "Christ" since an X is basically a cross and people were a lot more supersitious back then.)


  Joel Robinson

Yes, I know, but thanks for the tidbit anyway. That's where X-mas comes from too, despite what some people think about it being a modern shorthand.

If you want to go into more detail, "X" as in "Chi" is the first letter for the Greek "Christos" and thus the abbreviation actually has a double symbolic meaning. However, I doubt that in this case the person in question was using it in anything but an ironic sense, given the context of his query.

  Joel Robinson

But see, here's the thing, Greek abbreviations really aren't amusing. And neither is righteous indignation, really.

  Joel Robinson

If you wanted to make your point about this person, and at the same time, try to be 'funny', well, you might try to be a little more subtle, and little more sly...and you might end up doing somthing like what we did. Sure, you might not convey all the information that you might otherwise, but your message gets across, and maybe you make someone smirk or smile at the same time, regardless of their beliefs.

  Joel Robinson

That's called comedy, folks, and that's what we're about here.

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