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The Topic: Theism


Why is it that Xians can not accept the fact that there is no proof that God exist and that beliving in God is extreemly illogical? Also, that is the best way to get rid of a few hundred million Xians?


  Crow T. Robot

"Zee-ans?" Huh?

Tom Servo  

Crow, you dope, he means "Shy-ans." Xian is a city central China. I guess they have a proof that God exists, or something. Dunno why this guy has a thing against them, though. I don't think there are more than a couple million of 'em, too...

  Joel Robinson

Uh, no, guys, he means 'Christians.' He's spelling it in the 'non-traditional' way to show that he's better than us. You know, like the people who spell 'womyn' with a 'y'.

  Crow T. Robot

Ooooohhhh...and his nontraditional spelling of all those other words, and the nontraditional grammar and word choice and sentence structure...all the same deal, right?

  Joel Robinson

Uh, yeah, must be.

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