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The Topic: Alcohol


I turn 21 on Wednesday. I have never had an alcoholic drink. What do you suggest I have for my first drink?


Bartender in Halo  

First time, eh?

Bartender in Halo  

Why don't you come down to my place after your birthday party, I'll mix you up a little something I like to call "the Nerd Bender".


I'm not sure I like that name. What's in it?

Bartender in Halo  

Mostly water, a little bit of cheap non-alcoholic margarita mix, and a whole lot of placebo effect. The nerds think they're getting drunk and act like dorks, and my regular patrons love watching it.

Bartender in Halo  

Bartender in Halo  

I probably shouldn't explain that right in front of them in the future, though.

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