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The Topic: So, Ok, I am pissed off


So I met this chick on Saturday night at a bar (she was one of the bar tenders). I asked for her number. She gave it to me. I asked how soon I could call her. She says, "how about 2:30?" (It was, at the time, 12:00 midnight. Bars here close at 2:00am so, she was saying I could call her when she got off work.

So I am thinking, "score!" I mean... surely she wanted to go home with me, right?

So I call and she says to pick her up (I was at an after party for a band and she wanted to go). So I pick her up, and 10 minutes after we get to the party, she wants to go home. So I take her home. At her door, she says, "My place is really a mess or I'd invite you in." I ask if I can call later, and she says sure.

So, yesterday (Sunday) I call and ask her out, and after some hemming and hawing, she says she doesn't like to go out to bars because she works at one, so iIinvite her to my place, and she's like, "that would be much better."

So I am thinking, "score!"

So she's going to come over at 8:00. She calls at 9:00 to say she's still moving into her apartment but will be done in an hour and will come by then. She never called. I went to bed.

So, my question is: Should I try again? I mean, take into account that she has an amazing chest and is really cure and that I am a deperate, lonely (not to mention shallow, apparantly) man before you answer.



Forget it, she's probably gay.

  Dr. Niles Crane

Sorry, I had to let him have one eventually.

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