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The Topic: Tell me something good


Here's an interesting situation...
My best friend broke up with his girlfriend for her sexual experimentation with another girl. She claims she would have let him watch if he had asked. I agree with him but no one else does. cheating, cheating? Or can some cheating be explained away as experimenting? Also should you feel guilty about having hot, nasty sex with someone you don't really like? Two questions? sue me!


  George W. Bush

If he had asked? So, what, she just said to him 'Oh, by the way, I'm making out with a hot chick tonight?'

Cheating is cheating, kids.
I mean, yeah, right, and Saddam Hussein isn't 'cheating' on the weapons agreements, he's just 'experimenting' with chemical and biological agents.

  George W. Bush

And as for your second question...I mean, we're still allied with the Saudis, aren't we?

  George W. Bush

  George W. Bush

No, I'm serious, are we? Because I really don't like them.

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