The Topic: BT arsed

 Clanger (3:04 PM)
Does anyone know how to fix BTinternet... coz mine is broken


Lester Knight Chaykin (3:05 PM) 
Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you claim to work tech support for BT?

Lester Knight Chaykin (3:06 PM) 
And for that matter, you seem to be more or less on the internet right now, so what's the deal here?

 Clanger (3:11 PM)
Yep that is why i need to know how to fix it.....

in the office we dont use BTinternet to get web pages

Lester Knight Chaykin (3:13 PM) 
Remind me never to move to England and use BTinternet.

 H/\x0r d00d (3:14 PM)
I could zip-zip fix your pr0blems, I just be needin' the full password list for your major servers and routers, dude!!

 Clanger (3:17 PM)
mmmmm let me think....
probably best not

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