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 godofchuck (2:57 PM)
God, Conan is so funny. Maybe that pic helps. Of course, I actually enjoy his show quite a bit, so maybe my judgement is impaired.


 Conan the Cimmerian (2:59 PM)
Thahnk you for the kihnd words.
I do find this picture vehry flahtering.

 godofchuck (3:09 PM)
Yes, it exhibits your barbarianness well. So, anyway, there was supposedly going to be a third movie of your exploits. Did you get a peak at what the script-wri-err... historians were going to show in that chronicle? Lamentation of women?

 Comic Book Store Guy (3:15 PM)
The latest idea for an installment of the "Conan" series would deal with an elder Conan, who has ascended to the throne of Aquilonia. He would face trials of political intrigue, along with the standard sword and sorcery.

My sources claim the film may also borrow from the "Conan of the Isles" saga, which features an aged Conan going out for a final adventure.

Conan the Cimmerian (3:16 PM) 
It vath going to be a musical.

 Conan the Cimmerian (3:16 PM)

The Terminator (3:49 PM) 
Shut up! I ahm the singer here, not you.

 The Terminator (3:51 PM)
Ah've got suunshine on ah clowde daae...

 godofchuck (3:58 PM)
Well, since the comic book store guy is here, I suppose a fanboy reply is O.K. Would the terminator or Conan win in a fight? And who would win in a Celebrity Sing-Off?

 Comic Book Store Guy (12:00 AM)
I am not qualified to judge on a topic of such weighty importance yet of a conjectural nature.

 WOPR (12:00 AM)



Conan is the winner of 83.7% of the battle simulations.

WOPR (12:01 AM) 
The winner of the sing-off is you, the listening public.

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