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Soy beans

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Either that, or (in theory) half of Soylent Green. Because, (in theory), it would take Soylent Yellow mixed with Soylen Blue to get Soylent Green. Maybe Soylent Yellow is of the human female, and Soylent Blue is of the human male. I mean, it makes sense... (in theory)...


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In theory, it makes no sense at all.

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White light is made up of red, green, and blue light (RGB). That red/yellow/blue stuff they taught you in elementary school was just the most practical way to do things with crayons (more on that in a minute). If you get close to your monitor or TV, you'll see that red, green, and blue dots are what make up the image. Combining those three colors can give you any color in the visible spectrum; this is called additive color.

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What they were showing you with the crayons in elementary school was actually closer to subtractive color. Different colors of ink are laid down on paper and used as filters to subtract portions of the white light bouncing back to your eyes, giving you the colors that way since the paper gives off no light of its own. Instead of using RGB, they generally use cyan, magenta, and yellow (CMY, the K is another lecture). A filter only passes light of its own color so it would be impossible to mix with RGB filters. Red would only let red light pass, blue would only let blue light pass, put them on top of each other (or blue and green or red and green) and no light gets through.

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Since the three subtractive colors are each made of two different additive colors (cyan is green and blue, magenta is red and blue, yellow is red and green), when used as filters they each allow two colors to pass. That allows you to layer them without losing all color.

The Less You Care

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Shut up

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