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The Topic: Perl Monks

  The Asker

So, my brother had to learn the Perl programming language for his job, and he told me bout the online Perl community, and the website called "Perl Monks." Part of this site is in the Q&A format, and you can vote on which questions are placed towards the top, and which are placed towards the bottom, based on their usefullness/humor. You can get points for voting, posting questions, and for being voted towards the top of the list. The more points you get, the higher your level goes. when you reach certain levels, you get privileges - at level five, you get to put a picture by your name, and eventually you yourself can become a Perl Monk, at which point you are allowed to reply to peoples' questions.

you should make this site work like that.


  Lord Amazorn

Hmmm...that would make the site more user-centric, eliminate petty grovelling for icons, and allow us to give something back to our loyal readers.

  Lord Amazorn

But it doesn't seem to have any good points.

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